Internet security has recently become a thorny issue. No matter what device you use for surfing the Net, there is always a risk for your sensitive data.

A number of people today read VPN reviews and try to find top VPN services for their needs. In this regard, I’m happy to introduce you the best free VPN software for Android. Let’s start.

What is a VPN?

Today the answer to this question is known for a great number of Internet users. A VPN technology has become the number one measure for staying safe online. How does a VPN work? It just creates a secret tunnel between your Android and a server you want to connect. All your data remains unseen to any third-parties. Why do you need to stay invisible on the Internet? Let’s see.

Why do you need a VPN for Android?

Just think about how many messages, photos or e-mails you send every day via your smartphone. The data about your bank cards, which you enter while doing shopping online, is also vulnerable. Today we live in the era when private information can be easily revealed by an ISP or stolen by attackers. Hopefully, there are best apps for Android that can prevent all these problems.

And even if a person doesn’t send any texts or pictures, hardly he or she wants anyone snooping. Today your government may learn a lot of things about you just checking your browsing history.

Streaming, as well as torrenting, through your smartphone is also unsafe without the fastest free VPN for Android. Moreover, while travelling to this or that country you may face a problem with unblocking certain content. In some non-democratic countries widely known mass media, websites or even VoIP messengers are blocked. You need a good VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions.

Here is the list of reasons to install a VPN for your Android:

  1. Get past geo-restrictions while travelling;
  2. Hide your data from spying eyes;
  3. Download torrent files without retaliation;
  4. Stay safe while using public Wi-Fi;
  5. Protect sensitive data from hackers.

Do you want to download a free VPN for Android now? Let’s see how to get it on your mobile phone.

How to get a VPN for Android?

There’re two ways to get a VPN on Android. You can set it up manually or download the best free VPN for Android from Google Play. Let’s have a look at how to set up a VPN manually:

  1. Find “Settings” on your phone;
  2. Open “Connections” and then “More connection settings”;
  3. Select “VPN”;
  4. Find “Add VPN” on the top-right corner;
  5. Now you have to choose the type of VPN connection and fill in the information your provider has sent to you;
  6. Hit “Save”;

Note: not all Android versions are similar. Your device may have another setting menu. If you have any problems with configuring a VPN on your mobile phone, write to us. We’re always ready to help.

The second way to get a VPN on Android is, of course, easier. There are a lot of VPN apps for Android that have a simple and user-friendly interface. You can easily download them from Google Play. OpenVPN for Android is also available there.

How to choose a VPN for Android?

Let’s see what features a trustworthy VPN for Android should have:

  1. A clear privacy policy. As we speak about free VPNs, a clear privacy policy is the number one thing you should pay attention to. Try to find a no log VPN. Be careful with this feature. There’re a lot of providers that claim that they adhere to no logs policy. However, in reality, they can sell your data to a third-party.
  2. Encryption. 256-bit is the most robust encryption today. It is able to cypher your data and protect it on the Internet. Even if a hacker manages to gain your information, it will be impossible for him to decipher it.
  3. Strong protocols. OpenVPN is the most reliable protocol today, it would be nice to install a VPN that supports this kind of protocol on your Android.
  4. Customer support. While using or installing a VPN on your mobile phone you may face some issues. In this regard, it’s better to find a VPN with friendly 24/7 customer support.
  5. Useful features. Such functions as a Kill Switch, in-built firewalls and others can make your internet connection even more secure.

The best free VPNs for Android

I’ve found the best VPNs for you. Let’s see their main features and advantages.


A VPN is a perfect way to protect your data while surfing the Net. To get a VPN for Android is a good idea. It can help you to bypass geo-blocking while travelling, download torrent files safely and have a safe public Wi-Fi connection.

You can configure a VPN manually or download an app from Google Play. The number of unlimited free VPN providers is not so big. However, you can choose the best VPN for Android among paid providers which offer limited free tariffs.

I’ve found out top free VPN providers for you. Look through their main advantages and choose the best VPN for you!

Stay safe with the best apps for Android! Good luck!

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