What free VPN services are trusted for multiple platforms?

To find a free VPN is not really easy. There are so many providers and apps on the virtual market, so you may look for it days and nights and finally be unsatisfied with it.

Even more so, if you are a dummy in free VPNs…

You can find dozens of free VPN apps, but they might not work on your gadget. Almost every provider will promise you strong protection free of charge. But is it really so?

Still, one can find a good free VPN for any platform one would use. We’re here to save your time and we have found 3 decent free VPN software. But…

If you are a dummy in free VPN, you need to know a few so-called ‘’visual task tips’

‘’ Free VPN: what is it?’’


‘’What can you do with free VPNs?’’


Free VPN or Virtual Private Network free of charge is usually software that gives you the opportunity for PRIVATE, SECURE and ANONYMOUS internet connections.

⇒PRIVATE connections means that no third parties can view what you pass through the network.

⇒SECURE connections are protected against hacking attacks of malicious technicians.

⇒ANONYMOUS connections let internet users change their IP addresses, thus being able to have remote access through firewall in different geo-locations.

How free VPN works:

  1. It hides your IP address from other internet users.
  2. It codifies the traffic passed via the network.
  3. It makes data passing secure because of the protocols applied.

And now, it’s the time for 3 BEST FREE VPN services. We have selected them for you, have a look at these short descriptions below:


Betternet is completely free VPN software. It has been estimated that Betternet was one of the most popular free VPN apps in 2017. It combines all the necessary features for Virtual Private Network. With Betternet you can change IP, unblock banned websites, encrypt personal data and transfer the information by means of strong enough protocols. Let’s see why it was popular in 2017 and keeps being the best in 2018.

Betternet is completely free VPN software


Avira VPN

The provider of Avira VPN offers both a free package and paid one. But we are interested here in the free AviraVPN. Being free of charge, it offers quite decent functions. Internet traffic is codified and you serve the net in a private way. You are able to access restricted websites in your country with free Avira VPN. Moreover, you the app prevents DNS leaks and can be installed on multiple platforms: PC, MacBook. Android smartphone or iphone. What is more, your gadget is protected while you are using Wi-Fi networks. All in all, Avira VPN is a good choice, that’s fact!

The provider of Avira VPN offers both a free package and paid one



Proton VPN is another decent free VPN app to use on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. The same way as AviraVPN, Proton VPN has both paid and free of charge VPN products. We have chosen the free one as our target is free VPN. So, what do you get free of charge with Proton VPN?

You can connect via VPN servers in three locations: one in Europe, one in Asia and one in North America. Your traffic is encrypted online and the information is passed according to strong protocols (OpenVPN is applied, that’s really cool!). The users of free VPN Proton surf confidentially as the provider keeps no-logging policy. Thus, Proton VPN deserves being in top 3 free VPN services!

Proton VPN is another decent free VPN app to use on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.


We wish you safe and private internet using! The team of visualtasktips.com will be happy to help you to find the best one for your needs!